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Shakur Investment Group is a private equity firm started with the idea of building great companies that provide a full-service solution for industries that are seeking more investments than ever before.

We Accelerate
Alternative Investments.

Our controlled supply chain supports the growth for real estate, care & acquisition-driven businesses

We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, senior executives, Ex-FTSE 100 professionals that have been brought together to ensure there is a reliable service provided to the real estate and care market.

Shakur Investments Group has helped support £10m+ of investor capital with a high success rate and positive reviews. Our supply chain is how we ensure control over projects knowing that there is a team of experts and a group of businesses taking care of the delivery.

Work With Us

A tailored consultation providing better support on your journey to protecting your alternative investments

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Exclusive Network of Developers & Investors

Over the past 7 years, we have been building London Property Community in partnership with leading financial institutions to attract an investor/developer community of 10,000+ members. 

This community is then filtered with dedicated relationship managers who carry out due-diligence and build trust with our community. Understanding their needs we can then refer or provide access to the right service or investments opportunity. 

Our professional services arm of the business looks after 150+ Property Developers helping them with the correct support to scale without the fear of going bust. Our investor relations services name one ensure they are ready to take on the capital of other individuals whilst having access to the supply chain that we have acquired.

Private Equity for Real Estate
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Shakur Investment Group

A 360 Solution

Personalised Service

Experienced Developers

& Care Providers


We work with what you have in mind and provide/connect you to services which may benefit you on your journey.

We work with experienced developers and care providers who have gone through our consultancy programs.

We're exclusive to many High Net-Worth Individuals & Family Offices. We also partner with the best commercial finance brokers in the country for a second opinion and services if required 

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A Message from the Managing Partner

Our name derives from the Arabic word 'Appreciative'. The reason why we gave that name is because at the core of what we do our work is showcasing appreciation.


We appreciate the developers who put years of their time to build homes and environments. We want to equip them with the resources to solve more problems and maximise on every opportunity, allowing them to do their best work.

To our investors, your money has been earned through hard work or living with your family values. We are here to provide better support to the investments you're making.

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